Disney Cruise 10 Things Nice To Know Before You Go 

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We had a blast on our Disney Cruise! It was a dream realized. Here are a few things I wish I would have known before we got on board!

-Towel clips for lounge chairs 

-When you get a pic with Disney character, they upload to the digital board but the all ages are expansive. Bring your own good Camara with a good flash and they will take it for you or your phone but the lighting is hard so a good flash is important. 

-We loved our go pro check it out the video! It was so much fun! You can get one here too!

-Lanyards for your room key is needed 24/7 so buy one at the dollar store 

-Disney cruise app for texting .. no calls. Navigator and phones to make calls 

-Magnet decorations for cabin door 

-Theme of the boat tour art work and carpet design video and story of Stars/maps facing forward vrs aft 
Hidden mickey in artwork 

-Detective spots 

-No beach towels are needed for the trip - towels are provided at pools, ports and castaway 

-Safety boats are yellow and we had a emergency medical evacuation so travel insurance is worth it 

-There’s a Post office on Castaway Key -bring your mail 

-Excursion story boat charter. Was by far the best experience EVER! Well worth every penny.