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Born and raised in Abbotsford BC, I always had BIG dreams to build an empire of some kind. Years later, here I am living in the Greater Seattle area and I'm expanding my worldwide network. I'm looking for likeminded individuals who are entrepreneurs, visionaries, hard working big dreamers! Have you ever considered a work from phone business opportunity?

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Tired of the Grind?

Untitled designDo you ever feel like you are living your life stuck in traffic? You spend hours of your day staring at brake lights, both real and metaphorical. You're working so hard, but for who?You are yearning for a life that puts you in the driver's seat of your future. Curious how real estate could help you.... There are many ways to utilize a Real Estate License that do not necessarily include working with buyers and sellers. Just get your license, hang it in our office, and refer people our way. We do all the work, you collect the referral check! What's a referral check? Come and listen to Rebecca explain at our next Career Tour or email her at rebeccad@kw.com

Military Moms Post

Military Moms!!
Military Moms!!

Portable Career for Military Spouses

I recently posted a job for our rapidly growing team and I had a couple of conversations with some applicants and it brought to light something I had never thought about. As a military spouse, her resume was quite fragmented. Moving all over has it's benefits but it can leave your resume looking a little sketchy without an explanation.

Real Estate has opportunities that allow you to have a portable career. Once you get your real estate license in one state, you can refer business to other real estate agents around the world. So if you are looking for a career that can follow you no matter where you go, send me a message. I would be happy to share how real estate can provide a great career and multiple income streams.

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Do You Know Your Magic Number?


For years I resisted a particular brand of agent talk. Maybe you avoid it too. It made me uncomfortable. It made me cringe. It was one of the three topics we're raised to believe aren't appropriate to discuss in polite company. Sales. Number of transactions closed. Which amounted in my mind to the same thing--money.

When I got my license, I can honestly say it felt like a calling. I didn’t have any real estate experience other than a bad home-buyer one. For me, real estate was about finding a way to serve. A way to make sure that, at least the clients who worked with me, would never have a bad experience. It was a way to minister in the marketplace, if you will.

I have trusted that the Lord would bring me amazing clients and he always did. But when people would ask me how many homes I had sold those first couple of years,  I would meekly say, "a lot."

One day at an agent conference, I ran into Brett Tanner. I went up to him to thank him for the classes he had taught and to tell him how much they impacted my business. He asked me how business was and I answered, "Great!" But honestly, I didn’t know whether it was great or not.

Because I truly did not know how many homes I had sold that year. Seems crazy to me now, but it's the truth. He could tell I was a bit embarrassed and he was so gracious about it. He told me that numbers were the language of our business.  And he asked me, "Are you willing to let it grow as big as it wants to grow?"

In that moment everything changed. What you measure improves, so I made a commitment to always know my numbers. I went back to my office and looked up my reports and I had sold 35 homes that year. That is actually a pretty great year, right?

That experience was followed-up with an epiphany in a business planning clinic (You should attend this class!) I had heard other agents talk about doubling their business from year to year, and I asked myself why I couldn't do the same. What was stopping me from seeing that kind of growth in my own business?

The answer was my actions and my mindset. So, I changed both.

In 2016 I set an ambitious goal of serving 77 families, and this was before I hired my own team. (I had a part time transaction coordinator) The actual number I closed that year was 60.. but I wasn’t disappointed, because that was so much higher than I'd ever aimed before.

Knowing my numbers meant that I could make decisions with confidence. Because I knew my numbers, I could dream big. So I did. One of my biggest dreams was to live on the water… not just have a peekaboo view--but actually own a waterfront home. Then through a series of crazy events, I bought my little cottage on the sound. A bank owned repo that was in need of some love. It had been on the market for months with no offers and in no time, it was mine.

Knowing my numbers and focusing on them in a healthy way gave me freedom to think and dream bigger. What are the big dreams for you?

The One Thing You Must Do to Start Your New Year on the Right Foot

Word for 2018
Word for 2018

The presents have been opened. We're all emerging from that month-long delusion that a diet composed of 80% cookie/candy/pie/carb was a fine idea. Our email inboxes are inundated with messages from merchants waving 75% off discounts on all the lovely things we wanted this holiday season, but didn't find under the tree, wrapped in a pretty red bow. Yes, that's right, Christmas is over. And now we all turn our attention to the New Year, with all of its possibilities and opportunities. Surprises and expectations.

So, just a quick post from me today to encourage you to think about a word or phrase that sums up what your goals are for 2018--a theme for the year, if you will. This might sound simplistic or it might feel like a frivolous activity when there are exams to prepare for, licenses to get, houses to sell, etc. But...

We need a focus for our work. We need to organize all of those moving pieces around a common motivation. We need to corral all of the thoughts and possibilities roaming around in our brains, so that we can turn them into something. We need a theme to which we can return. One that helps us know when to say yes to one opportunity and no to others. We need clarity and purpose. We need categories and priorities.

We need a word for the year.

To help you get started thinking about what yours might be, I'm including my themes for 2017 and 2018.

In 2017 the word for me was WORLDWIDE. I found artwork to hang up at home and at work, that reflected that theme. Wherever I was and whatever I was doing, I could look up and see a visual reminder to think bigger; to think globally. Whenever I was reluctant to expand my horizons--whenever that little voice in my head said, "who do you think you are to dream that big?"--I would remind myself that God has the whole world in his hands and I trust Him to make way for the dreams he's placed in my heart. This year I thought worldwide in my philanthropy as well, supporting international causes that spoke to me. I'm also purchasing rental properties here in America, with the income from each unit designated to supporting a mission family in the important work they do in the world. I can't go into the mission field now, but through my work here at home I can contribute to others who can.

I have been carefully watching out for a pattern or theme for 2018 and it's this: Beyond Measure. As we continue to grow the business in 2018 and expand nationally and internationally(!), I feel a confirmation that it will produce health, wealth and abundance beyond measure. I'm so incredibly thankful for the people God has brought into my life. I can see divine appointments at every step along the way and I'm so excited for what's ahead for us all.

What will your word be for 2018?

FREE Class for All Agents!

Hi friends! If any of you are in the Tacoma area, you are invited to Ignite, Keller Williams University's signature training course for all real estate agents. It has a single objective—to propel agents into immediate productivity with an emphasis on action—learning for earning's sake while working in your business during class. We'll cover: how to ignite your business; how to win over buyers and sellers; pricing to sell; how to negotiate most effectively; how to close the deal; and much more.

This course is FREE and open to agents from all brokerages and experience levels. It runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from September 6th through September 29th at our Puyallup Market Center (1029 E Main, Ste 201). You may register for all, or just some, of the class days. To check out the schedule/class calendar click here.

While all agents are welcome, please note that an RSVP is requested. Contact Kate Roussell-Favaloro at k.roussellfav@kw.com for more information or to sign-up today! Please note in your message which class days for which you wish to register.


How I Doubled My Business in 2016


Hi there! I did a quick video to share how I doubled my business in 2016. You can watch it by clicking here. If you have any questions or comments—maybe you’ve also set ambitious goals for yourself and want to share how you achieved them—please post them in the Comments section below. I’d also love to know what other topics you’d like me to write or create a video about, so feel free to share those here as well. I’ll check in here again soon. Thanks for stopping by!